HIIT circuit class

Thursday 9am - Turvey Village Hall

This class is a 45 minute fat burning, strength building, low impact, high intensity class. It’s made up of 30 minutes of HIIT circuit followed by 15 minutes of a full body stretch and release.

Exercise needs to be FUN and not a chore, it needs to be seen as working with the body rather than punishing it and this is exactly what this class does. You will leave this class feeling energy boosted and with your body worked, stretched and released.

This class is not for any specific age group or ability. Whether you are pregnant, postnatal, in rehab, or just want a quick, low impact high intensity class this one is for you!

The focus of the class is adding strength and cardio to your movement whilst making sure the core and pelvic floor are targeted and respected.

We use bands, weights, kettlebells and body weight to achieve a full body workout, offering different levels suitable for all levels of ability. We also include balance work as well as coordination work to keep the brain active and challenged.

Babies are welcome to join with mum, but will be your responsibility.

You will need to fill out this form before starting your first session to make sure you are able to attend this class, and I will walk you around the circuit showing you how to safely do each exercise. Whilst the session continues I will walk around and encourage everyone to use correct posture, form and use their breathing and correct muscles to ensure you get the most out of each exercise and exercise safely.

What you will need:

  • Mats and equipment are provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you wish. You may exercise in trainers or bare feet whichever you prefer. With bare feet you will be working your body correctly and a little harder, but this may need to be worked on!
  • Please bring water with you, and I will provide some home made sugar free protein snacks for post exercise enjoyment!


Payment for this class is made in blocks, as I don't accept pay as you go:

  • £36 for 6 classes
    Processing ...
  • £50 for 10 classes
    Processing ...

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