New membership for September

I am really excited to launch this membership hub in September.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while but couldn’t get my head around how I would set it up and who would use it!

For many years the lovely clients who attend my classes and courses have been saying that they wish there was something they could ‘move on’ to once they have finished my Postnatal Classes. They enjoy being part of a ‘tribe’ of women and getting relevant information to help them with their wellbeing. This is my way of them being able to keep in touch and learn different ways of staying emotionally, mentally and physically well.

Each month we will have a different ‘theme’ with some challenges and some offerings to help throughout the month. We will be looking at different things we as women can do to keep ourselves as well as we can. Things to look out for health wise, ways to check in with our hormones, different speakers each month discussing what they do and how they can help us too.

I have made it a rolling contract that you are in control of. Each month you will receive a new password to use to access the new month’s information, but if at any stage you wish to leave that is absolutely fine.

I have set the cost at just £7.99 making it an affordable way to keep up-to-date with your wellbeing and wellness. Allowing you to make small achieveable changes every month to keep you where you need to be!

You will be able to have access to any month you have paid for, and be able to have input on things you would like to see added in future months, so please feel free to get in touch!

In addition, there will be bonus videos each month, that may be a HIIT class, or a stretch routine or a relaxation session.

For me this is a really lovely way to show you a variety of different things you can try to keep your cup full rather than allowing it to become drained and empty.

There is a closed facebook group members can also join if they wish, to maybe chat about any recipes I share or offering results of their challenges, or just to ask questions. I want this Hub to be a fun one, where we can suppor one another.

Come join our Hub and allow me to help you Thrive .

Information on joining can be found here, or contact me for more information.