Online Memberships

This Nurture and Thrive for Life online membership has been set up to offer you a variety of different packages to suit your lifestyle and current needs, looking to support you through fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. It  really is about you being able to access so many different ways of supporting yourself and giving you some structure and support to keep yourself strong and the best possible version of YOU! 

Its been created to be a place where you can access all my knowledge through a full library of videos and PDFs, which will be updated on a regular basis. 

You will be invited to join a closed facebook group linked to the membership where we will be able to create a community, and I can use this facility to do lives’ as well as zoom classes, masterclasses and post content specific to the membership site. Please don’t worry if you dont use facebook as you will still be able to access information from the newsletter, the site itself or zoom. Im endeavouring to make all information as accessible as possible for everyone! 

Who is this for?

This membership is a general membership providing information on general wellness at all stages of life. It is mainly geared towards women, but men may find it equally beneficial to access. 

Each section contains information specific to that stage in your life where you may need support, or questions answered, or workouts specific to that stage. 

What do I get?

You will find a library of HITT, strength and mobilisation videos relevant to you, which will be added to and updated regularly. The classes are of different lengths so you can fit them into your day or week as you please, even being able to access when youre away from home once logged into the site. 

The recipes for each stage contain smoothies, breakfasts, snacks, lunches and suppers. Again, these will be added to regularly to give you a variety of yummy options to try out! 

You will also find tips on looking to support your own health and well-being through both PDF factsheets and videos on self massage, stretching and other relevant areas, added to regularly as things change, or I learn more! 

How do I join?

Click the button below to set up your details into a monthly or annual subscription.


£ 30
  • Access to the library of pre-recorded videos of my exercise classes relevant to your membership
  • Full access to the membership site containing many more videos and PDF's
  • Attending a live class with me once a week, either on Zoom, Facebook live or in person. This membership really allows you to be involved in everything you need in the way of classes and looking after YOU.
  • You will also be able to join a closed Facebook Community Group
  • Free access to monthly masterclasses in Facebook Group


£ 300
  • Full access to the monthly membership features
  • The full membership is £300 for a yearly contract, paid up front.

Taking part in Online/Zoom sessions 

In taking part in these sessions you have an agreement with Tanya James of Little Therapy Space 

  • fill out an Exercise Consultation form to ensure the suitability of the classes for you and to ensure your medical history and current health doesnt restrict you from joining in. 
  • you will be responsible for taking on board any advice provided to you from the form 
  • You will inform me of any changes to your health, so I am able to make adjustments 
  • If you are unsure of your suitability, please do seek your doctors advice initially 
  • Ensure your personal workout space is safe and clear of any trip hazards, furniture, pets 
  • Ensure you are wearing suitable footwear or barefoot 
  • Work within your own abilities and always ask for advice if you are unsure. 



  •  Your monthly membership allows you access to the relevant category for the duration of that month. 
  • You may cancel your monthly membership at any time which will cease the day before unless you wish to have a rolling agreement. If you cancel part way through the month you are not eligible for a refund for part month usage. 
  • If you rejoin the membership and the price has changed, you will need to join at the new price 
  • I reserve the right to end the agreement if at any time I feel the membership you have is not suitable for you, for any reason. 
  • I reserve the right to change the members terms and conditions if it is felt necessary due to something not working. Notice will always be given in these circumstances 
  • It should be noted that the information held within your membership is for you and you alone. You have filled out a consultation form to determine your eligibility for your joining. I cannot guarantee anyone else in your household will also benefit from the information held within the site.