Pregnancy exercise and lifestyle class

Wednesday 7:00pm - The Olney Centre

This class is for you if you want to get 100% clear on:

  • How to exercise safely in pregnancy without harming your baby
  • How to treat some pregnancy aches and pains effectively
  • Keeping your body strong for labour and challenges of being a new Mum
  • Learning stretches to aid your baby into an Optimal birthing position
  • Eating healthy and nutritious meals and snacks
  • Learn ways to relax your body and mind
  • Meeting other mums going through the same stage in life
  • Learn from a specialist

This is a weekly class held at the Olney Centre, Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Ladies are welcome to join once they are 12 weeks pregnant and can stay on with the class until they have their baby! Some ladies still attend at 41 weeks, and I just cater some work for them!

The class is made up of a 30 minute circuit using bands, weights and body weight. You are encouraged to work to your own level as you are all at different stages of pregnancy and have different exercise backgrounds.

Each week we cover posture, breathing, pelvic floor contraction and activation of the deep abdominals. These will be worked into every day Mum movements making sure you use them correctly with good form and posture, and activate and engage your core rather than your back.

We cover stretches and movements for helping baby into the optimal birthing position which can be used at home during the week to help baby find its way into the position ideal for birth. As an experienced and specialist pregnancy and postnatal massage therapist I can also pass on advice and techniques on working with typical aches and pains in the upper and lower body and help you relieve them rather than try and cope with them.

We will also look at ways to stabilise and strengthen the pelvis, so keeping it mobile, flexible and strong to lessen the pain of pelvic girdle pain. I have had several women with this condition join in and found the class very beneficial.

We will always finish the session with some relaxation time, and use music and visualisations to work on the journey ahead. This is your time to relax and allow the body some well deserved quiet time in your busy week.

What you will need:

  • Mats and equipment are provided, including cushions and blankets for the relax time but please bring anything you feel you may need. Balls and bands used during class can be purchased if you wish to use them at home.
  • Please bring your own water for your use throughout the class
  • Come in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Bring layers as you may get very warm once you start working, and then chill once you start to relax.

Factsheets will be provided most weeks covering different areas of pregnancy, including nutrition, tips on sleeping, perineal massage, local professionals I can recommend, preparing for labour, and packing your hospital bag! You will be added to a Whats App group and a closed Facebook group which is a great way to communicate and grow friendships. Nutritious homemade protein balls are provided for you at the end of each session to help your body after its exercise!


Sessions are sold in blocks so you will need to be booked on to attend a class. The blocks can be used over a period of time which allows you to miss some classes if necessary without losing out on the money. To book please click the relevant button below:

  • 3 classes £36   
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  • 6 classes £66        
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  • 9 classes £90        
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  • 12 classes £120    
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Please complete the booking form here and submit before you arrive for your first class. You will not be able to attend if I haven’t received one in advance.

Depending on numbers you may have to join a waiting list until someone leaves so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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"I went onto the pregnancy course and loved it so much I stayed and went onto the second course during my pregnancy. The knowledge I have learnt from Tanya is amazing and as a first time mum I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I would highly recommend this class including the couple class that I attended last night with my partner to help me through labour. It also helped him understand what I’ll be going through and he really enjoyed it to!
I have also had a pregnancy massage that helped with pains I have been getting! Tanya will talk through before what kind of massage you would like and any problems you suffer from before you start which is really nice. Also a nice relaxing treat during what can be a stressful time in pregnancy!
Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be attending the classes after birth too!" - Lauren Norman

"Tanya's classes are a great way to understand how best to exercise safely whilst pregnant, and teaches you the importance to pelvic floor exercise in preparation for birth and beyond. The on-line support through her FB group also means you feel like you have continued support and "good practice" reminders at every stage. The classes are super friendly, for all abilities and you get to meet lots of other lovely mums to be at the same time. I can honestly say that Tanya's massages and classes combined have helped me to feel prepared and confident as I approach my due date, and I'm looking forward to signing up to her baby massage and post-natal classes just as soon as I'm ready." - Rohan Wedge

"Completed both antenatal and postnatal exercise classes. Both classes were really enjoyable and I felt my body making progress every week. The support and encouragement as both prepared by body and promoted its recovery from having my gorgeous little boy. He has also enjoyed the classes and made his own progress. Thank you and well done for all you do!!"  - Lisa Yates Reynolds

"Highly recommend Tanya for her brilliant pregnancy exercise classes. They are tailored for all abilities and Tanya is great at making sure you are working hard but safely. As a result I have felt fit and strong throughout my pregnancy with no aches or pains. Will definitely be booking onto her postnatal class after our little one has arrived." - Lucy Godfrey

"Excellent, not only at pregnancy massage but also i attended the pregnancy classes. made a big difference in my flexibility and posture which has helped a with various aches and pains and of course not forgetting the all important pelvic floor." - Megan, Olney