Hot Stone Massage


One of the biggest myths about working with people with cancer is that massage will spread it, which is sadly why people often don’t approach those of us trained to receive some hands-on treatment that would help relax. I had the greatest pleasure of treating my own Father to some sessions, and I realised then the difference it could make to someone’s wellbeing.

Applying hot and cold can be used within a massage if it could benefit the treatment. It can help to treat sporting injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

Cold helps to reduce swelling, decrease inflammation and pain and can be used to treat acute injuries.

Heat can help to relax tight muscles and other connective soft tissues and is used to treat chronic or older conditions.

I use basalt massage stones which have the ability to conduct heat. The stones are used during the massage to warm and relax the muscles and the body. They can be used within a treatment to relax tight muscles specifically or as a treatment on their own. The stones are used held within the hands and used either within long stokes or to work a specific area. They are not left on the skin at any time, but can be used over towels to keep an area warm.


Once you have paid you will be asked to contact Tanya to arrange your massage dates/time.

Hot Stone Massage: 

60 minutes £55

Hot Stone Massage:

90 minutes £80



As mentioned throughout the therapy and treatment information sections, I have the option of mixing and using specific dōTERRA essential oils to compliment your therapy and suit your specific needs for that session.  If you would like to learn more about the oils that I use, please click the button below.