Postnatal Exercise & Lifestyle Class


This course is suitable for women from 6 weeks after a natural birth or 12 weeks after a C section delivery.

Babies are very welcome to join us, and a special area is set up for them to lay or play on, within easy reach of mums.

Thursday 10.30-11.30am & 11:45am-12:45pm at Little Therapy Space. The Class is available to join through Zoom if you prefer to access it this way.

This course is for you if you want to get 100% clear on:

– how to re engage your core and strengthen an abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti)
– how to exercise safely and correctly with everyday mum movements
– working with your pelvic floor to regain strength
– effective nutrition which is healing, healthy, tasty and quick to make
– how to work with your c section scar and what is normal
– feel confident about when you are able to start running or retuning to heavier exercise
– you want to bring your baby along

This course is suitable for women from 6 weeks after a natural birth or 12 weeks after a C section delivery. Babies are very welcome to join us, and a special area is set up for them to lay or play on, within easy reach of mums. If at any point your baby needs you, I am happy for babies to be fed, nappies changed as we go along and for you to meet their needs.

Specific work will be done with the pelvic floor and core to strengthen this area and work towards closing any Diastasis or separation which may be causing issues. This will be worked on through the course, building on each week so progression can be made. As a massage therapist specialising in pregnancy and postnatal ladies I also include tips on relieving typical aches and pains which we can get at this stage.

The first 6 weeks of this course we will work on connecting to your core and pelvic floor, and strengthening and using them within movement as well as on their own. The cardio part of the session will gradually increase over the weeks as you get used to returning to exercise.

If you choose to stay on for another 6 weeks, from week 7 onwards we start to increase the intensity of the cardio, increasing your heart rate whilst making sure your body is working correctly, effectively and efficiently, using your core and not over-stressing your Pelvic Floor. At this stage if you prefer you could join the Thursday 9am HIIT Online class.

Before starting the course you will be sent several short tutorial videos to watch on Posture, Breathing in exercise and use of pelvic floor contraction and relaxation.

It is essential for all mums attending this course to have had a Diastasis check with myself before starting. Further progress checks will be made at week 6 and week 12 either during or post class. This will be a free assessment and will give us a benchmark from which to work on. Once payment and booking forms are completed please book in with me at the clinic so this check can be made. We will also set at least one goal which again can be something to work towards. It can be anything of your choice like being able to exercise for 10-20 minutes without stopping or to find time in the day to practise some deep breathing or to run/jump/sneeze/laugh without peeing……your goal, your choice, so have a think!

Once you have started the course you will be added to a closed Facebook group and Whats App group where you can chat to the other ladies within the group and previous groups. You will have access to my experience and knowledge to be able to ask for advice on your postnatal recovery, either through this group or privately. You are welcome to stay within this group as long as it runs or take yourself out of it.

What you will need to bring:

  • Water for you
  • Come in comfortable clothing so you can move easily. Layer up as you will get warm
  • A blanket for baby to lay on over the mat

The course lasts for 12 weeks, comprising of 2 lots of 6 weeks. To complete the course it is essential to complete the 12 weeks. Post graduating from this course you will be able to join the HIIT class.

Payment and receipt of your booking form will reserve your place on this course.

Numbers are capped at 8 for this course, so please book your place to avoid disappointment.


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Postnatal/Return to Exercise Level 1 Course:

Course of 6 Classes £66



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