Tanya James

Women’s Health Therapist in Olney, specialising in Pregnancy, Postnatal & Beyond

I am a level 6 qualified, experienced and accredited Massage Therapist & Body worker, Fitness Instructor and Women’s Health Therapist.

I have specialised in supporting women through pregnancy, postnatally and the peri/post menopause stage of life. I am passionate about working with women and giving them the opportunity to get to know their body, to get the very best out of it that they can through listening to it, nurturing it and loving it. I believe this then empowers women to move forwards really knowing their body and what they need and want.

Whether you are coming to see me to help with pain and discomfort or to find time for you, you will be welcomed in, listened to and given the session your body requires on that day.

I draw on a wide range of techniques and tailor all treatments and sessions to your specific needs, combining specialist massage, exercise and movement, nutrition when needed and wellbeing techniques to enable women to get the very best out of every life phase.


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About Tanya

Tanya is a highly experienced and dedicated massage therapist and women’s health coach.

She provides a structured, empathic and thorough treatment plan depending on your individual circumstances, either from the Little Therapy Space in Olney or online.

You can connect with her on social media to find out the latest on what she is doing.


If you're after pain management, and a path to resolving problems I recommend Tanya. She made it easy and convenient for me to have my massages and was flexible during the sessions which comforted me as they occurred during my son's nap time.