Pregnancy Massage & Bodywork in Olney

If you are feeling confused as to which sort of pregnancy massage you want or need, look through the list below and see what best suits. Some require a 90 minute session but the rest you can chose your session length between either 60 or 90 minutes.

During your Pregnancy you may find that you go through the 9 months without any issues at all, however it is very common to suffer with aches, discomfort and sometimes pain. Common but not normal and not something you need to put up with. Pain and discomfort is a sign that something is amiss.

Some Mothers can also find this time stressful for a variety of reasons and require a session to help them talk through any concerns and to receive a massage and bodywork to soften and relax their body and mind.

I can also blend a couple of the sessions together to really suit your needs but we can discuss that during your consultation.

A massage experience from 38 weeks of pregnancy.

This will be an unbelievable experience for the Mother to be, to help her prepare and support her through the last couple of weeks of Pregnancy.

You will receive a mixture of Massage, use of Acupressure  points and some Reflexology. 

Lights will be dimmed, soft music playing, and a calming oil used in the diffuser. The session is all about comfort, calm, reassurance, support and encouraging the body to do what it knows how to do.

It’s aimed at relaxing the Mother, whilst stimulating the acupressure points in the body used to prepare the body for labour, and using a specific blend of oils which are chosen for their individual qualities helpful at this time, preparing and encouraging labour.

90 minutes £90

Do you feel you would benefit from some time out from the worId and life just for an hour or so?

Do you want a massage that is relaxing to both body and mind but is more than just a salon massage? I will use my knowledge and experience of the body to ensure this massage is tailored specifically for you and your needs on that day. This massage is suitable whether you are pregnant, postnatal or beyond postnatal.

Having time to ourselves can be so difficult to find when we live in a world that involves time schedules and routine. I have many clients who come to me specifically to have a massage to quieten the mind and find that the repercussions of this time can go on for a long time.

I can offer you some space to yourself to truly relax and unwind and find some quiet within life’s busy day.

You have the chance if you so wish to really switch off. You will be given the choice of:

  • having a beautiful lavender sleep pillow over your eyes to literally block me and the world out and allow you that switch off time.
  • having the bed heated to help soothe and relax your body
  • having a heated weighted blanket over you to really allow you to feel safe, snug and cocooned
  • using hot oils to massage you with
  • extra time to come to on your own whilst I leave the room


During the consultation I will check with you how much you want to switch off and really cater this session for YOU.

60 minutes £65

90 minutes £90

Pregnancy Balancing:

This session is about adding balance to your body and easing out any aches, niggles or pain you may be suffering from. The aim is to find out what’s causing your pain and being able to ease it.

Whether you are suffering from a mild back ache, tight calfs, SPD or PGP, pain in the ribs or hips, this session is for you.

We know that babies in the womb will move away from any restrictions in their bid to find space to grow, so it’s important that we offer them as much space as possible by easing out any areas of tight tissue. Babies need space to find the optimal position and giving them space to make their rotations into the birth canal will assist them in their journey. We know ‘head down’ isn’t enough as their head could be off to one side or slipped forward of the pubic bone.

This session will start with me listening to what’s going on and then assessing you through posture and movement. I will work depending on what I find but it will be a mixture of massage, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, stretching, ball work and usually some homework!

Areas of restriction could involve:

  • Pelvic floor
  • Ribs
  • Hips
  • Uterine ligaments
  • Glutes
  • Legs

This session is important to have during your pregnancy if you are having any discomfort but especially important from 30 weeks onwards when making sure the baby has space to find an optimal position is important. 

I would suggest having a 90 minute session if you’re not sure, as this gives me plenty of time to assess you, treat you and run through stretches or movement to do at home.


60 minutes £65

90 minutes £90

This is a beautiful massage for tired, aching legs and feet. The massage will be performed with the Mother semi reclining so they are relaxed and comfortable. It can be a time to find some time for her to switch off as well as get some relief from her aches.

The session lasts for 45 minutes and is specifically for the feet and legs. If the Mother is suffering from swollen feet, I can also include some lymphatic drainage massage to help with this.

45 minutes £45


Tanya is amazing! Had 2 pregnancy massages with her and she is a miracle worker! The most relaxing calm and loving atmosphere you can hope for. Will definitely come again and again :)