What to Expect

Initial Consultation

Your consultation form will include many questions  to get an idea of the story your body tells so please take time to fill it out carefully. Details of past and present pain and injuries, surgeries and conditions form a part of a puzzle. A 30 year old scar or head trauma as a child may seem insignificant but could have lasting neurological effects.

There is an educational element to every session where I help you to understand your body better. Your knowledge will help in you aiding your own recovery alongside the work I will be supporting you with.

Depending on why you are coming in the session may include postural and movement assessments and palpation of the tissue to determine what tissues or movements are being inhibited from functioning properly.

Please bring shorts if you feel more comfortable being assessed this way.

Please note that payment is required at time of booking in advance of attending. If you need to rearrange your appointment this can be done from your confirmation email. Thank you for your cooperation.

Further Treatments

Further treatments will start with a smaller consultation to make sure treatments are on track and to allow changes if necessary, and to ensure you receive the most effective treatment.

I don’t suggest a course of treatments when booking as we all heal in different ways, but aim to make significant and positive changes to get sustained benefits. It is very rare that one session is enough and I would be aiming to see real changes by the 4th session.


Feedback and input from you is important

I need feedback to ensure that your treatment programme is working, so welcome and encourage you to come to the sessions with as much information as possible.

I also advise on exercises and stretches for you to do in between sessions to help supplement the work received during the treatment. This self care programme will be specific to your needs in that session. It is important that you do these properly and consistently, to ingrain the proper functional patterns into the brain and body and for the pattern to hold.

Your session may involve discussing your eating habits, nutrition, hydration and wellbeing if I feel it will help towards the main outcome of supporting you back to feeling you again.

My aim is to minimise your pain and maximise your pain-free time between sessions, so you can move onto a ‘maintenance’ programme.

I want to help you to be able to live your life the way you want to, whether that’s undertaking sports, being an active grandparent or a working parent. We all need to feel our best and I can help you with that!