Terms & Conditions

Taking part in Online/Zoom sessions

In taking part in these sessions you have an agreement with Tanya James of Little Therapy Space

-Please ensure that you fill out an Exercise Consultation form to ensure the suitability of the classes for you and to ensure your medical history and current health doesn’t restrict you fromjoining in.

-you will be responsible for taking on board any advice provided to you

-You will inform me of any changes to your health, so I am able to make adjustments

-If you are unsure of your suitability, please seek your doctors advice initially

-Ensure your personal workout space is safe and clear of any trip hazards, furniture, pets etc

-Ensure you are wearing suitable footwear or are barefoot

-Work within your own abilities and always ask for advice if you are unsure.


-Your monthly membership allows you access to the relevant category for the duration of thatmonth.

-You may cancel your monthly membership at any time which will cease the day before themembership is to renew, unless you wish to have a rolling agreement. If you cancel part waythrough the month you are not eligible for a refund for part month usage.

-Prices change from time to time, if you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin in the futureyou will have to join at that current price.

-I reserve the right to end the agreement if at any time I feel the membership you have is notsuitable for you, for any reason.

-I reserve the right to change the members terms and conditions. Notice will always be given inthese circumstances

-It should be noted that the information held within your membership is for you and you alone. You have filled out a consultation form to determine your eligibility for your joining. I cannot guarantee anyone else in your household will also benefit from the information held within the site.