Postnatal Massage & Bodywork in Olney

If you are feeling confused as to which sort of postnatal massage you want to have with me, have a look at the breakdown of sessions below. Ultimately the most important thing is to book the time slot required for the session you want/need.

Postnatal massage can be given as soon after the birth as the mother requires. I will use pillows and cushions to support your breasts, tummy and pelvis if needed to make you as comfortable as we can.

If you wish, your baby can be with you, as I do have a chair which rocks and vibrates which may keep baby happy. Some Mothers also like to have their baby lying next to them which is possible as my bed is extra wide to cater for this.

The massage uses a variety of techniques dependant on what the mother requires and the reason for her requesting a massage. As previously stated, It is performed either side-lying or as normal lying on back and front. This is dependant on how the Mother is feeling, if breastfeeding or C-section scar is feeling sore or whether there are any lower back issues where lying prone would be more uncomfortable. I use organic wax which is unperfumed and perfectly safe to breastfeed with or be close to baby with for those Mothers who would like no scent.

The treatment can either be a full body massage or problem area-specific, but will be determined after consulting the Mother to ensure her requirements are met. 

Up to six weeks after birth (approximately)

I can help to relieve aches and pains that are pregnancy, labour or posture-related.
I can also help with:

  • feeding positions
  • recommending some early breathing techniques and exercises to start moving the body
  • pelvic floor exercises


From six weeks after birth

I can:

  • help with any digestion/constipation problems post-birth
  • give 1-1 advice on realigning the body’s posture, using myofascial release and other advanced massage techniques
  • give advice on breathing patterns which may have developed whilst pregnant because the uterus pushed the lungs up and restricted breathing
  • discuss and check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation), and pelvic floor discomfort or dysfunction
  • discuss any worries you may have and help you make some small but effective changes to standing, sitting and carrying
  • discuss good nutrition which can help you heal and recover
  • prescribe some exercises personally for you and your needs.

For a more in-depth session you may want to book the 90 minute ‘Reconnect & Thrive’ session

60 minutes £65

90 minutes £90

Do you feel you would benefit from some time out from the worId and life just for an hour or so?

Do you want a massage that is relaxing to both body and mind but is more than just a salon massage? I will use my knowledge and experience of the body to ensure this massage is tailored specifically for you and your needs on that day. 

Having time to ourselves can be so difficult to find when we live in a world that involves time schedules and routine. I have many clients who come to me specifically to have a massage to quieten the mind and find that the repercussions of this time can go on for a long time.

I can offer you some space to yourself to truly relax and unwind and find some quiet within life’s busy day.

You have the chance if you so wish to really switch off. You will be given the choice of:

  • having a beautiful lavender sleep pillow over your eyes to literally block me and the world out and allow you that switch off time.
  • having the bed heated to help soothe and relax your body
  • having a heated weighted blanket over you to really allow you to feel safe, snug and cocooned
  • using hot oils to massage you with
  • extra time to come to on your own whilst I leave the room

During the consultation I will check with you how much you want to switch off and really cater this session for YOU.

60 minutes £65

90 minutes £90

This session is suitable for you whether your scar is recently healed or many years old. Scar tissue can cause internal pulling we may never be aware of until niggles become issues.

The pull can extend to the neck, shoulder or as far down as the ankle. This treatment will allow you some more movement/less tension as well as improving the look of the scar itself.

This is a 90 minute session involving a mix of techniques to asses and treat the body. If more sessions are needed you may be able to just book a 60 minute Postnatal session after your first. However for your first session 90 minutes will be needed.

It will include:

  • Assessment of your Pelvic Floor engagement and contraction through movement assessment and questions
  • Assessment of your breathing patterns to encourage correct and optimal use of the breath and connecting it to the pelvic floor and core
  • Assessing for a Diastasis Recti, treating if necessary and showing you self massage techniques to use at home, as well as some exercise techniques to help
  • Soft tissue techniques of the scar and surrounding local area as well as the whole body if necessary.
  • Discussion about nutrition and the healing qualities of certain food

I usually recommend having at least 3 sessions to get the most out of the session as it is very rare for scars to feel completely better after one session. However we are all individual so after a session give it up to one month and assess from there. Subsequent sessions can be an hour depending on the outcome of the first session.

90 minutes £90

Having a diastasis can feel a little worrying and many women can understandably feel like their ‘core’ is weakened and vulnerable. Let me help you with this 90 minute session.

A diastasis in itself is needed in Pregnancy to allow our soft tissue to expand. Sometimes we are left with a gap difficult to close, due to a variety of issues, which may include:

  • How far we stretched
  • Our breathing patterns
  • How we use our abdominal pressure
  • Our posture
  • Our ‘history’ pre pregnancy.

In this session we will look at a variety of different things, taking the body as a whole, trying to ascertain what’s causing the issue.  During the session you will receive hands on treatment for your tummy, as well as any other areas which highlight restrictions.

You will be sent home with some self massage techniques as well as some exercise homework consisting of stretches and strengthening exercises.  These will be very specific for you and your current issue.

A follow-up session may be recommended and will depend on what is highlighted during the session.

90 minutes £90

The ultimate aim of this session is for you to feel the very best version of you, so that you feel strong, capable and happy in YOUR body!

This is a 1-1 offering for women who want a session which goes deeper, involving a full body analysis, specialist bespoke massage, along with nutrition and movement/exercise guidance, taking everything their body has been through and is currently doing, and being able to walk away understanding their body better and with a plan of action!

This session is for you if:

  • You feel like your body has had a ‘set back’ after either giving birth or having had a hysterectomy or other operations or even time out
  • You have been left with a Diastasis (tummy separation) after having children and aren’t sure how to exercise safely
  • You feel like your core has been left compromised after children or an operation
  • You recently had a baby and are suffering from aches, pains and niggles from feeding, carrying baby and sleeping badly and want to learn strategies to help
  • Your pelvic floor may feel weak and disconnected and you want some advice about returning to exercise safely
  • You feel you are not breathing to full capacity after a baby or an operation
  • You are going through or have been through the Peri/Post-Menopausal stage and feel your body is behaving differently!
  • You have been advised to strengthen pelvic floor and core and don’t know how to do this safely


The session will be made up of:

  • Posture and alignment analysis
  • Movement analysis
  • Discussion on healing and nurturing nutrition,
  • Pelvic floor health where applicable,
  • Breathing techniques and gaining good abdominal pressure,
  • Engaging correct core muscles for movement,
  • Specialist massage and soft tissue techniques to aid posture, or to relax!
  • Scar tissue work where appropriate on C section, Hysterectomy, other abdominal scars, mastectomy scars, or any scars which may be causing an issue
  • Some education on the body will be included so you can better understand what’s happening and allow you to play a massive part in aiding your own recovery
  • Setting yourself some achievable goals


You will be given stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home to assist you, with videos to back this up and receive a handled resistance band and trigger point ball to take home to use to help.

90 minutes £90


"Love coming to Tanya. Having a massage is like being wrapped up in a warm hug and having someone say “here I’ll take those for an hour for you” (all your worries!). I always come away from a massage with a few less aches and pains and more importantly feeling a little more refreshed. 60 minutes with Tanya is something I’d recommend to all you ladies out there!"