Birth skills workshop

This workshop is suitable for any couples wanting to learn a little more about the birthing process and how we can actively make it a little easier for the Mother.

One or two birth partners are welcome to attend with the Mother to be able to learn how they can support her throughout the labour process.

The workshop will cover:
• The stages of labour
• Breathing techniques that can be used during the different stages
• Optimal birthing positions to labour in and give birth in
• Visualisations that can be used to aid pain in labour
• Massage techniques that can be used in late pregnancy and in labour


As much as this is about learning, we won’t just be sitting, as we will be practising some of the positions and how a birthing partner can provide support to help the Mother into these positions or to keep her there.

Please come in loose comfortable clothing so that you will be able to move freely, and layer up as you may get warm.

Mats will be provided to work on but please bring a birthing ball if you have one to practise some of the birthing positions and massage on.

Please contact me for dates. The workshop costs £25 per couple for 2 hours and you can make payment here.