Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic therapy is a unique approach to understanding pain and dysfunction. It uses the relationship between your brain and your body to determine the cause of pain and dysfunction at their deepest source.

Using highly specified manual testing and movement assessment I can determine where the neural pathways are being misled and use the neurokinetic therapy protocol to correct the faulty patterns and restore functional patterns to the brain and body.

Once the pattern is found and corrected, clients will need to continue doing the set homework for 3-5 times a day to ensure the pattern is set within the brain. The continued effectiveness of the treatment is reliant on this homework being done until the pattern is reversed and the pain has gone.

“I came to see Tanya after years of having post run groin pain. Using NKT Tanya found I had one side a lot weaker than the other. The site where I was in pain was actually overworking not injured. After treating this side and retesting I tested well. All previous therapists had treated my sore spot rather than look for why it was sore. I have since returned to running with no re-occurrence¬†of the pain..”