Oncology Massage

One of the biggest myths about working with people with cancer is that massage will spread it, which is sadly why people often don’t approach those of us trained to receive some hands on treatment which would help relax. I had the greatest pleasure of treating my own Father to some sessions, and I realised then the difference it could make to someone’s wellbeing.

The training I have undertaken allows me not only to work with people recovering from cancer but with active cancer also. So anyone going through Chemotherapy, Radiation or still undergoing cancer treatment is able to come and receive a session. I am able to treat clients alongside them receiving their hospital care.

The session will be bespoke to your current needs on that day. I am able to use a variety of different massage techniques as well as Reflexology, and may use a whole combination depending on what’s required. It will include:

  • Taking into account the most comfortable position for you to receive the treatment. This may be lying down on your back or side, seated, or seated with the back down to a comfortable level. I have cushions and bolsters which can be used to make sure you are as comfortable as I can get you to be.
  • Taking into account the possibility of stoma bags, Hickman lines and healing operations sites. Again, your comfort is important to enable you to relax.
  • Side effects of your treatment may mean coming in first thing in the morning to avoid any smells of oils in the room which you may find unpleasant. The room will also be clean and fresh, which will prevent any cross infection from another client.
  • The waxes (oils) I use are organic, vegan and can be scented or unscented to your choice.

How will Massage help me?

One of the main reasons people come for a massage is to make them feel relaxed, or to ease some aches or pains. Massage from a Therapist is a positive, caring touch which is very different from the touch in hospital. A listening ear away from family and friends, or a quiet non-judgmental space to switch off and be themselves. Massage Therapy is touch because you want it rather than need it, which makes a massive difference. Many clients have told me how lovely it is just to have some soft, gentle touch which is something they may not have received for a while.

A massage will generally help to relax you, which will in turn help improve your sleep, lift your mood and help you feel a little more yourself. It can help you cope with stress, anxiety, headaches and pain, Chemotherapy related nausea, and cancer fatigue.

Scar tissue work

Once the scar itself has healed I am able to work with any scar tissue which is causing you issues. Many women find after having a lumpectomy, mastectomy or removal of nodes that their range of movement is restricted and they can have pain in the shoulder or around the scar itself. Restrictions can also cause issues with breathing deeply, by restricting a full, comfortable breath. I am able to work with the soft tissue around the shoulder, ribs and diaphragm to ease the restrictions and bring back movement to the shoulder which is comfortable and a better range. I can also work with the scar itself, if it feels tight, is pulling or puckering in anyway. This is a very gentle way to work and you should not feel any pain at all. I work with this area when you feel comfortable and ready to have it treated.

“Tanya was both professional and friendly during the massage. This was my first massage since being diagnosed. It was very relaxing, and since the only people I had contact with were medical it was nice to have a human touch from someone who was helping me in a non medical way”Sara

“Tanya has helped me so much in the 2 sessions I’ve had so far. I am recovering from 2 breast cancer surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am in constant pain and had much reduced shoulder movement. She has helped me to relax, reduced my pain and increased the movement hugely in my shoulder already. Visiting her is incredibly therapeutic, both physically and emotionally.
I have never experienced anything like it. Tanya is literally amazing!”Lindsay

You can read more and book an oncology massage in Olney, Buckinhamshire here.