Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can be given as soon after the birth as the mother requires. You can have this massage either lying on your side or front and back, depending on how soon it is after the birth, and what position is most comfortable. I will use pillows and cushions to support your breasts, tummy and pelvis if needed to make you as comfortable as we can.

If you wish, your baby can be with you, as I do have a chair which rocks and vibrates which may keep baby happy. Some Mothers also like to have their baby lying next to them which is possible as my bed is extra wide to cater for this.

If you may want some quiet time to yourself, that is also fine and we can hopefully work around this, finding suitable time for both of us! This quiet time can be very important for a new Mother especially after the labour and initial Postnatal period.


What happens during a Postnatal Massage?

Post Natal Massage to ease aching backs
The massage uses a variety of techniques dependant on what the mother requires and the reason for her requesting a massage. As previously stated, It is performed either side-lying or as normal lying on back and front. This is dependant on how the Mother is feeling, if breastfeeding or C-section scar is feeling sore or whether there are any lower back issues where lying prone would be more uncomfortable. I use organic wax which is unperfumed and perfectly safe to breastfeed with or be close to baby with for those Mothers who would like no scent. However I can also use the Neal’s Yard Mother massage oil which is also organic and beautifully aromatic, infused with relaxing Neroli, uplifting Mandarin and sweet almond essential oils as well as vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil.

The treatment can either be a full body massage or problem area specific, but will be determined after consulting the Mother to ensure her requirements are met. You may want your time out to relax or you may be concerned about niggles, so this time is yours to chose how you want it spent.


Up to six weeks after birth (approximately)

I can help to relieve aches and pains that are pregnancy, labour or posture-related.
I can also help with
• feeding positions
• recommending some early breathing techniques and exercises to start moving the body
• pelvic floor exercises
• treat mastitis or engorged breasts, using specific massage and lymphatic drainage


From six weeks after birth

I can:
• help to relieve tightness or pulling on caesarean section scars once it has healed
• help with any digestion/constipation problems post-birth
• give 1-1 advice on realigning the body’s posture, using myofascial release and other advanced massage techniques
• give advice on breathing patterns which may have developed whilst pregnant because the uterus pushed the lungs up and restricted breathing
• discuss and check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation), and pelvic floor discomfort or dysfunction
• discuss any worries you may have and help you make some small but effective changes to standing, sitting and carrying
• discuss good nutrition which can help you heal and recover
• prescribe some exercises personally for you and your needs.


Postnatal massage benefits

• A specific massage can be started immediately after birth.
• Aids healing after caesarean
• Alleviates muscle strain
• Reduces back and neck pain
• If breasts are sore and swollen, these can be relieved through specific massage.
• Restores the body’s equilibrium through use of Shiatsu techniques
• Helps to reduce stress and fatigue


For a more indepth session you may want to book the 90 minute ‘Reconnect & Thrive’ – click here for more details


For details about my postnatal exercise & lifestyle course please click here.



“I would highly recommend using Tanya during pregnancy. After discovering her during my first pregnancy, I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her when I became pregnant with my second child. I’ve been to many spas/salons but Tanya is by far the best massage I’ve ever had. That coupled with her expertise means that she can work on specific areas and her massages always left me feeling relaxed and fab! Also, her ability to listen and connect with you as a person is a unique skill and gave me complete confidence in her work. I would recommend her to anyone!” – Jill, Northampton


“Post pregnancy and after having a c-section I was more misaligned than I realised until I had a massage off Tanya. She was great as assessed my stance and overall body before working on areas which I wouldn’t have thought were linked to my back pain at all but they were. She released tension I didn’t even know that I had and gave me exercises to do to maintain the correct posture and avoid further back pain. Her knowledge and magic hands helped me recover far quicker than I know I otherwise would have done. I will definitely be using Tanya again after my next pregnancy” Jo, Turvey