Pregnancy Balancing

If you are Pregnant and suffering with any kind of aches, niggles or pain you may think, or be told this is normal. It is common but it is not normal and any kind of discomfort should be looked into so we can ascertain what is causing it.

Pain is the body’s way of saying something is amiss and in pregnancy this is something we should really listen to.

Babies need space to grow, to move and towards the end of the pregnancy to be able to make the cardinal movements to be born. If they cannot make these movements that’s when you may get a stall in your labour or you may find that the labour isn’t progressing at a quick enough pace.

When you visit me for a session I will be firstly listening to what you have to say as that will give me so many clues as to what’s going on with your body. Where do you feel your baby’s kicks and movements? I will then assess you by looking at your posture and asking questions about what you do during the day and how you sleep. What forms of exercise or stretching you are doing etc to really get to know you. 

I will then assess you through some movement if needed or through palpating; using my hands to see where I can feel any tightness or restrictions. Sometimes I am given clues from your body just from looking! The Linea Nigra may be off centre or pulled or I can visibly see your baby leaning off to one side.

Then I will use a variety of different techniques to see if we can encourage your baby to find the optimal position for them which is exactly what they are trying to do. This may be done in the form of massage to smooth out restrictions, myofascial techniques to work with the fascia, or direct techniques, gently easing out tight ligaments in the pubic bone or sacrum for example.

This will often be followed up with some stretching to work out what I have massaged. You will also be given some stretches or strengthening work to do at home with some advice as to how best you can help yourself with your posture in standing, sitting, sleeping and your day to day movements.

Tightness can be caused by a variety of different factors and show itself in pain in:

  • Pelvic floor

  • Hips

  • Glutes/Sciatic pain

  • Ribs

  • Upper thighs

  • Calfs

I will want you to be able to walk out of my room either pain free or with a lot less discomfort and also know how you can help yourself in between sessions.If you are local you could join my Pregnancy exercise class on a Wednesday at 6pm and if not local you are able to join us through zoom. This session is specifically for pregnancy and always includes an element of pregnancy yoga and stretching which you will find helpful as well as some core work. You can book a Pregnancy Balance session with this link.Learn to listen to your body as she will speak to you gently through niggles which may eventually become pain. You don’t need to put up with any pain at all. Enjoy your pregnancy and keep making sure your little one is given plenty of space!