Scarwork Therapy


This is a specialised manual Therapy to help clients with scar tissue and adhesions following surgery or radiation. It is suitable for any scar and I have had great success with old scars as well as new.

Treatment is gentle and vey rarely painful in any way. The aim of the Therapy is to bring back some movement to the scar itself and surrounding tissues, to soften thicker tissues in the underlying fascia as well as the scar itself. Sometimes the difference is visible in that the scar can look less ‘pulled’ or lumpy and/or it can be palpable with a softer, smoother less restricted feeling to the area itself.

The initial session will involve assessing movement and mobility locally around the scar as well as globally across the body.

With each session you will notice a progressive difference as the tissues start to release and become less restricted. Most scars need several sessions but they can be booked as we go so you are in control of how many sessions you would like to receive.

You will be shown how to work the area yourself too if this is something you feel comfortable with and can do in between sessions, as well as some stretches for the body which will help the body as a whole from any of the restrictions.


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Scarwork Therapy Session:

60 minutes £60



As mentioned throughout the therapy and treatment information sections, I have the option of mixing and using specific dōTERRA essential oils to compliment your therapy and suit your specific needs for that session.  If you would like to learn more about the oils that I use, please click the button below.

This technique can be used within a treatment session or booked as a stand alone treatment, working a specific area.

Scar work is a non-invasive treatment working with the fascia matrix of the surrounding skin of the scar and the scar itself. It is used to improve the appearance, feel and texture of the scar and the surrounding area. It can help to reduce pain, numbness and mobility of the scar by reducing the adhesions in the underlying tissue. It can help to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems to encourage renewed healing and promote improved tissue health.

Post session scars can appear smaller, less tight, with a smoother feel, and indents improved. All healed scars can be worked on, with most having visible improvement quickly, however some may take a little time and need several treatments.

Sometimes we may not even realise the restrictions the scar has been causing until the tissue has been worked on and released. I have had several clients who have had treatment to mastectomy scars and found their range of movement improved in their shoulder, and clients with old C section scars and hysterectomy scars which were causing restrictions within the groin or limiting their involvement in exercise.

I have had great results from working with scars and would highly recommend booking a half hour session just to see whether this will make a difference to you. You will know after one session whether this is for you or not!