Online Treatment Consultation

online consultation with mother massage

These can work in a very similar way to face to face sessions and can be really helpful in times when getting to see me in person is difficult. I have had some very positive feedback from sessions I have run during lockdown, where clients have been able to self treat.

How do these sessions work? 

  • We will arrange a suitable time when we are both available. I can be quite flexible with this as Im happy to work around my other sessions and appointments, so I don’t set a specific time. 
  • Sessions are over zoom, so I shall send you a link by email which you use to join the meeting. You will need to download zoom if you don’t already have it, but its free to do so. 
  • You will receive a consultation form to fill out if you are a new client, so I will use that as a basis during the session then add to it as we go on. 
  • Depending on what you are presenting with, I may ask you to perform some movements or describe your pain/discomfort to me, so we can ascertain whats causing it. during the session you may be shown and asked to do some self massage or some stretching to be able to really pin the issue down.  
  • The session will end once we feel we have covered the issue, and you have had the opportunity to ask the questions you need to ask and feel confident that we have found a cause or answer to your pain/discomfort. 
  • Once the session is over I will send you back up videos/PDFs which will help to remind you of any homework you need to do. This may be in the form of self massage with a ball, foam roller or your own hands, or using stretching and strengthening exercises. 
  • We will also make an appointment for a week or twos time to be able to revisit the issue and see how you are doing. You are more than welcome to contact me in between this time for more assistance or help if you so wish. This is about getting you out of your pain, so we don’t have to stick to time schedules. 
  • If after the follow up session more appointments are needed, these will need to be paid for as a further session. 


Online Treatment Consultation:
30 mins £30.00