Reconnect & Thrive


The ultimate aim of this session is for you to feel the very best version of you, so that you feel strong, capable and happy in YOUR body!

This is a 1-1 offering for women who want a session which goes deeper, involving a full body analysis, specialist bespoke massage, along with nutrition and movement/exercise guidance, taking everything their body has been through and is currently doing, and being able to walk away understanding their body better and with a plan of action!


This session is for you if:

  • You feel like your body has had a ‘set back’ after either giving birth or having had a hysterectomy or other operations or even time out
  • You have been left with a Diastasis (tummy separation) after having children and aren’t sure how to exercise safely
  • You feel like your core has been left compromised after children or an operation
  • You recently had a baby and are suffering from aches, pains and niggles from feeding, carrying baby and sleeping badly and want to learn strategies to help
  • Your pelvic floor may feel weak and disconnected and you want some advice about returning to exercise safely
  • You feel you are not breathing to full capacity after a baby or an operation
  • You are going through or have been through the Peri/Post-Menopausal stage and feel your body is behaving differently!
  • You have been advised to strengthen pelvic floor and core and don’t know how to do this safely


The session will be made up of:

  • Posture and alignment analysis
  • Movement analysis
  • Discussion on healing and nurturing nutrition,
  • Pelvic floor health where applicable,
  • Breathing techniques and gaining good abdominal pressure,
  • Engaging correct core muscles for movement,
  • Specialist massage and soft tissue techniques to aid posture, or to relax!
  • Scar tissue work where appropriate on C section, Hysterectomy, other abdominal scars, mastectomy scars, or any scars which may be causing an issue
  • Some education on the body will be included so you can better understand what’s happening and allow you to play a massive part in aiding your own recovery
  • Setting yourself some achievable goals


You will be given stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home to assist you, with videos to back this up and receive a handled resistance band and trigger point ball to take home to use to help.


Reconnect & Thrive Treatment:
90 minutes £95