Doterra Oils

These oils are absolutely beautiful to work with and use personally. I was actually introduced to these oils myself by clients bringing theirs in and asking me to blend several together for them. Im not a fan of massaging with oils, but these are beautiful to use and I have now started using them, blending them, and making up roller balls for clients and selling the oils if clients wish to purchase them.

The oils are of an extremely good quality and can be used topically on the skin, inhaled through a diffuser, or by rubbing onto the hands and smelling, and some for ingesting, either straight onto the tongue, into a little veggie cap, or onto food or drink.

If you are interested in trying these oils please do ask so I can show you or try some little samples of them. I can make up take home rollerballs which start at £20 for a 10ml rollerball. Each oil is priced differently, so please ask for a specific price for your blend.They can be a blend of what I have used during your session, or a blend of oils which you can use as a follow up to the session. 

My research at the moment in these oils is for supporting women through lifes journey, through monthly cycles, emotional issues, Pregnancy, Labour, Postnatal, Menopause and pain. I have blended some oils up very successfully for clients to assist in the labour process which can then also be used in the early postnatal stage. 

Please do contact me if youre interested in trying out a blend or a particular oil.