Online Courses available now!

I am actually thrilled to finally have these courses go live on my website. They have been a long time coming with one thing and another but now they are finally good to go!

My aim for these courses was to be able to support women going through the different stages of life in hopefully a very concise but informative way.

The courses will be updated each time I learn something new so if you purchase one keep an eye on changes. They are yours to go through at your pace in your own time and yours to keep.

Subjects I cover are:

Preparing for Pregnancy – for anyone thinking about wanting to get pregnant in the future, how they can best prepare their body in a variety of ways.

Pregnancy Tips – This course supports you through Pregnancy covering nutrition, stretching, ways to care for you body as well as allowing you ways to reassure yourself.

Coping with SPD/PGP in Pregnancy – Having had this myself in my 3 pregnancies I know the key thing is understanding what is going on and how you can help the issues your body is having.

Prepare for Birth – Is literally that! Getting you ready physically and mentally for delivering your baby!

How to have an awesome 4th Trimester – I honestly feel this course can help you through a stage of your life that can be quite stressful. Whether you are surrounded by support or not I think being prepared means feeling empowered.

Pelvic Floor essentials – Don’t let issues with your Pelvic Floor worry you. They are common and can be very easily helped. Understanding the dynamics of the muscles of the pelvic floor I think can help us maybe understand why we could have issues. this course will run through a variety of different things you can check and do to help yourself.

C Section Recovery – A great course to use to prepare yourself if you know you are having a planned C Section or full of loads of tips and help if you have already had one. It hopefully will answer a lot of questions many mums come to me with and will help you feel better about the scar and your recovery.

Diastasis Recovery & Abdominal Care – Many of us are left with a Diastasis post pregnancy. having one is perfectly normal initially but we need to be able to work with it and knowing what you can and can’t do will really help your recovery.

Preparing for the Perimenopause – Suitable for you to prepare for this stage (from approx 35 years) but also for anyone going through this stage. Packed full of ways you can help this stage not be as horrendous as it could be! It’s all about preparing yourself to boss this stage!

Optimal Health Post Hysterectomy – Great for preparing yourself before the operation and to support yourself post op. I wrote this course for my sister as she was preparing to go through the op and I know she found it all so useful.

Stretch & Mobilise – All about moving your body in a variety of ways to get your body feeling uncoiled and more flexible. Some of the videos use massage balls (available to buy from me), and foam rollers but also no equipment at all.

4 week HIIT & Strength package – If you want to workout at home and can’t join any of my classes this package is for you.

Holiday Exercise Package – If you like to keep working out online this is great to take away with you and do whilst away.


I really am so happy to be able to offer these to you. I also feel they offer ‘wrap around care’ post being with me in any of my sessions but also supports you, gives you knowledge and that is key to feel empowered I feel.

I hope they are enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed putting them together.

You will find the courses here