Birth Prep Masterclass – What’s it all about?

Tanya James is performing some specific movement and massage techniques on a pregnant lade.

Birth Prep Masterclass


This Masterclass really is a chance for me to get all my Birth prep information out of my head and get you practising and really comfortable with the facts BEFORE you go into labour.

I strongly feel that knowledge is key and you cannot be prepared enough. Doing NCT and Hypnobirthing classes are great to help us meet others going through a similar experience and to help us get through labour. My session will be going beyond that.

I want to get down to the basics of our Pelvis so that you can appreciate and understand the journey the baby has to make through it. When you get this, I think it is easier to understand why we do need to help our little ones through the cardinal movements of Birth. They are going to come across a variety of obstructions along the way and we can help them navigate the way!

I want you to walk away from the Masterclass knowing:

  • how to prepare for labour through Perineal massage, nutrition, movement
  • how your pelvis works
  • where the inlet, mid pelvis and outlet are
  • how you will know where they are in your pelvis
  • how you will then be able to ‘move’ to assist them
  • the best position and movement for each stage
  • how your partner can help with massage and pressure
  • acupressure points you can stimulate


I want you to be able to tell me you feel empowered to go into labour knowing everything you need to know and your Birth partner feels they are able to support you more.

I will provide you with an E booklet to take home which you can use to absorb the information and print off should you wish to have it with you in labour. This information is for you to back up what we learn and discuss during the Masterclass.

You can get more information on the session here or go book yourself a place here! I only have space for 5 couples to join me on each session as I want you to have space to move and I want to be able to assist where necessary.

For any questions or advice please do email me and I can get back to you