Soft tissue release

Muscles are made up of strands of fibres, lying neatly together. These fibres can become damaged, congested and tangled, which causes movement restriction and pain.

Soft tissue release increases the range of movement, relieves pain and prevents, repairs and manages injuries.

It involves using manual pressure on a muscle to create a temporary false attachment point and then taking the muscle into a pain-free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres.

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“Tanya has sorted out my back issues and is now helping sort out a long term knee injury. It is refreshing to find someone who takes the time to listen and work out where the problem is. Thank you”Sue Marven

“My fiance has her for a back, neck and shoulder massage – despite her being so petite, he says that she gives the best massages as she uses the right pressure instead of tickly massages you get in the spa’s even though they are supposed to be sports massages!”Anna, Northampton

“Absolutely amazing lady. With Tanya’s help the origin of my back pain has been found and we’re now at the beginning of releasing the locked body points. After breaking my Rleg I’ve always found myself standing dominantly on the left. After seeing Tanya today, I’m now feeling balanced and standing on both feet evenly! This in turn we hope will reduce the back injury, previously suffered, from re-occuring. Thank you Very Much Tanya xx” – Serena Welch