Trigger point therapy

A trigger point is a point of tenderness within a muscle. They are felt as tense bands of tissue in muscles and tendons. They can cause pain either in the immediate area where they are found, or refer pain to another part of the body.

For example, if a client presents with pain down the side of the head in a question mark shape pattern, I would be looking for trigger points in the trapezius muscle in the shoulder.

Trigger points are caused by:

  • overload strain
  • direct trauma to the muscle
  • poor posture
  • repetitive activities
  • physical, mental or emotional stress.

This therapy involves putting gentle pressure on a specific trigger point, to release the muscle and affected tissues. Trigger point therapy is particularly effective when used together with myofascial release, by working on the surrounding fascia and soft tissue.

Whilst working, I will rely on communicating with you on the level of discomfort that the trigger point gives you, and whether it changes in any way with pressure.


“With ongoing back and neck problems, you truly know how to fix me every time with those soft ‘magic’ hands. You have got me through situations where I never thought the pain would go away with massaging and sound advice.” – Mine, Turvey

“I had been having shoulder and back problems from where I have been using my computer too much for work so I booked a massage with Tanya. She took the time to understand what issues I had been having and really set to work on the problem area. I was really impressed with how professional and attentive Tanya was and was even more impressed with the tips and exercises she showed me which I could do at home to help with the issue. I am pleased to report that it is working but I will definitely book again should the need arise. I would highly recommend Tanya.” – Rachel Humphrey

“Highly recommend Tanya. Her knowledge of the human body is amazing. She is caring, and amazing at following clients journeys. Thank you Tanya. You’ve made such a difference to my life. Xxx” – Jen Trousdell